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•  Last missions

ACE 2020’s 16 Cultural Managers Meet in Beirut – My participation to the Arts and Culture Entrepreneurship programme as a lecturer with other regional and international experts from the Arab region,v North Africa, Brazil, India, and the UK and to the public discussion was organized around the theme of “Adapting to Challenging Contexts: Stories and Experiences”.
Research on the Arts Program’s Workshop Concludes in Beirut – I am a proud member of the research on the Moroccan artistic and cultural scene by the “Collective Racines” led by Aadel Essaadani. The project entitled “Arts and Power: Research on the Instrumentalization of Arts and Culture in Morocco”, interrogates the efficiency of Morocco’s cultural public policies. This research is supported by the Research on the Arts Program (RAP) – a joint program by the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC) and the Arab Council for the Social Sciences (ACSS).
AFAC Announces 26 Arts and Culture Structures to Receive Long-term Support – I was delighted to be one of the members of the jury committee with other experts from Egypt; Morocco; Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. The jurors selected 26 institutions to receive support over three years.

•  Entretiens vidéo / Video interviews

About trans-making – Dounia Benslimane & Aadel Essaadani, Racines (Valence, mars 2018) – vidéo 
Dounia Benslimane. Lancement de la Chaire UNESCO, Bilgi University (Istanbul, 2018) – vidéo 
Dounia Benslimane. Coordinatrice des Abattoirs (Casablanca), Archivos Colectivos (2013) – vidéo 

•  Quelques articles de presse / Press articles

« Court Rules to Close Moroccan Cultural Organization, Causing Alarm », Al-Fanar Media, 28 février 2019, Ursula Lindsey. 
« Dissolution de Racines : injuste et injustifiée », En toutes lettres, 9 janvier 2019, Hicham Houdaifa. 
« Dounia Benslimane : il faut sortir la culture des grands centres urbains vers les régions », Maroc Hebdo, 31 octobre 2018, Kenza Alaoui. 
« Pourquoi la culture est la solution ? », En toutes lettres, 5 décembre 2017, Dounia Benslimane 
« Les Marocains consomment-ils assez de culture ? », Huffpost Maroc, 2 novembre 2016, Youssef Roudaby. 
« Culture Is the Solution. As Political Reform Stalls, Moroccan Activists Engage Citizens through Art », The Century Foundation, 25 avril2017, Ursula Lindsey.